Lessons from the Cell Phone Phenomenon: How Microgrids Can Power Developing Countries

It seems the same phenomenon may be happening in the electricity sector. Will microgrids allow developing nations to leapfrog past the large, sprawling transmission systems of the industrialized world into a new energy paradigm? Some examples from around the world are already proving that to be true. According to Navigant Research, the global remote microgrid market will expand from 349 megawatts […]

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It’s Time to Ask the Wallflower Solar Markets to the Dance

If commercial solar project finance was high school, hot markets such as New York, California, Hawaii, and North Carolina would be the “it” girls: everyone is talking about them, and everyone wants to finance their projects. Still, there are wallflower markets out there that may be less flashy, but nevertheless deserve some attention. Here’s why we think Maryland, New Jersey, and even some […]

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