Instrumentation and control

A biogas plant with an annual operating capacity of 15,000 tons a year requires 3-5 hours’ work daily in order to keep the amount of work gone to minimum with a particularly recommended use of an effective measurement of control technology. For safe exchange of data it is also possible for someone who is not on-site to monitor and control the unit, i. e. the unit can be remotely controlled. For example, the agitators can be switched on and off, and all the solid supply equipment can be monitored. Information about malfunctions can be registered on computer service or on the operator’s mobile phone, these guarantees a short reaction time when anything unexpected happens.

power of the liquid manure and its ammoniacal content have increased, due to fermentation the unpleasant smell of liquid manure and organic wastes have disappeared, as the organic acids have been decomposed. The biogas plant is therefore useful for both the operators and their neighbors.

7. Conclusion

There is flexibility in the types of digester designs available. Digester types and designs are selected for the types of feedstocks to be digested. There are general approaches to tank design, mixing systems, and electrical generation systems. There are different construction quality approaches for household and farm-based in comparison to commercial digesters.

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