Ethanol Production from Sugarcane Straw

The energy production through sugarcane straw involves the liquid, gaseous, and solid fuel production. Ethanol fuel is the most important that reduces our dependence on oil. Sugarcane straw is a suitable material for the ethanol fuel production because of its higher cellulose and hemicellulose content, which can be hydrolyzed, for instance, into fermentable sugars, and its other characteristics. The processes involved in bioethanol production are appropriate pretreatment, straw hydrolysis, conversion of the cell walls to simple sugars, anaerobic fermentation to convert the sugars to ethanol, and finally distillation. Pretreatment of straw is estimated for bioethanol production to account for 33 % of the total cost of bioethanol production. Appropriate pretreatment selection technique is the major challenge for the development which is economically sustain­able for bioethanol production technology from straw.

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