Recycling of Ashes for Geotechnical Constructions and Industrial Processes

Only high-quality ashes are suitable for the uses in agriculture and forestry explained in the previous sections. In particular for ashes that are characterised by elevated heavy metal contents, other uses are suggested, such as construction of roads, a surface layer in landfills, and as an additive in industrial processes such as concrete, brick, glass and cement production (van Alkemade et al. 1999; Ribbing 2007; Obernberger and Supanic 2009). Specific information on the use of biomass ashes in brick making is presented in Chap. 9 (Modinger 2011), and in Chap. 10 Berra et al. (2011) focus on the reuse of woody biomass fly ash in cement-based materials. The use of ashes for civil works such as road construction or as a surface layer for landfills in Sweden is illustrated by Ribbing and Bjurstroom (see Chap. 11, Ribbing and Bjurstrom 2011).

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