Applications of Bagasse Fibers

4.5.1 Oil Spill Sorption

The nonwoven material made from bagasse fiber is an efficient method of cleaning up oil spills. For the removal of contaminant oil from water, carbonized pith bagasse is being used as an adsorbent. The extracted fibers from bagasse and carbonized at 300 °C were found to have a high performance for sorption. The carbonized pith bagasse is packed into a polypropylene bag and used for sorption behavior. It has been observed that the pad containing carbonized pith bagasse has higher sorption capacity as compared to the commercial sorbents. This pad can be reused for eight times.

4.5.2 Agricultural End-Use

The other application of bagasse fiber nonwovens can be found to make flowerpots. This type of flowerpot made has excellent biodegradability and can be buried in a clay pots. The bagasse nonwoven pot buried in flowerbed is dissolved within only 23 days. When the nonwoven pot is put in a larger plastic pot, it is biodegraded within 50 days. The study also shows that the bagasse nonwoven pot is capable of sustaining weather and watering during seedling and retailing.

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