Lin ear Density

The linear density of bamboo fiber is calculated to be 1.44 (Erdumlu and Ozipek

2008) . It is approximately one eighth of the density of mild steel whereas its tensile strength is higher than mild steel. Hence this fiber can be used as an alternate of plastic fibers for formation of many materials (Jindal 1986). Linear density of auto­claved bamboo fiber reinforced cement composites is 1.3 g cm-3 (Coutts and Ni

1995) . Bamboo zephyr boards (BZB) exhibit less thickness and low density under dry wet conditioning cycles (Nugroho and Ando 2000). The density decreases with increase in amount of bamboo fibers in short bamboo fiber reinforced epoxy com­posites with varying fiber content (Rajulu et al. 2004). The linear density of BZB exhibits a huge effect on moduli of elasticity and rupture, internal bond strength, water absorption, and thickness swelling. The linear density is not seen to have any effect on linear expansion (Nugroho and Ando 2000).

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