Components of an Inbound Logistics of Agricultural Feedstocks

The design of inbound logistics of feedstock delivery must consist of the following three unit operations: a sampling station, an unloading station, and storage space. The design layout and accompanying equipment will depend on the type of feedstock to be processed. For lignocellulosic feedstocks such as plant biomass or woods, the form in which the feedstock is delivered will determine how the layout is designed and what types of equipment will be in the operations.

Feedstock Sampling

Feedstock sampling of bales can be quite challenging as well, especially when receiving large volumes of feedstocks. Because of the lack of commercial production of biofuels for cellu — losic biomass feedstocks, automated sampling equipment for bales might not be available. Additionally, it is not certain how feedstock quality would affect conversion performance to fuels for biochemical processes. However, other handling operations such as size reduction and feeding will be affected when their physical properties change due to deterioration. The growth in commercial production of biofuels from cellulosic feedstock and the future trade of biomass as a commodity for energy will determine the value premium processors are willing to pay for a superior-quality feedstock and how the feedstock is graded.

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