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Dr. Pratima Bajpai is currently working as a Consultant in the field of Paper and Pulp. She has vast experience of 36 years in this field. She has worked at National Sugar Institute Kanpur, University of Saskatchewan and University of Western Ontario in Canada and Thapar Center for Industrial Research and Development in India. Dr. Bajpai’s main areas of expertise are industrial biotechnology, pulp and paper and environmental biotechnology. She has immensely contributed to the field of industrial biotechnology and is a recognized expert in the field. Dr. Bajpai has written 12 advanced level technical books on environmental and biotechno­logical aspects of pulp and paper, which have been published by leading pub­lishers in the USA and Europe. She has published 7 book chapters, 3 chapters in encyclopedias, 87 articles in international peer reviewed journals and 52 papers in conferences and seminars. She holds 7 patents in her name and 4 applications are pending. Dr. Bajpai has handled 33 sponsored research projects from industry and government agencies. She is an active member of New York Academy of Science, American Society for Microbiology, and many more.

[1] operating plants Based on RFA (2012)

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