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One of the most common problems the owners have with their pets is separation anxiety, it is particularly so with dogs. What does it mean? It is a problem behavior when pet feels stressed when the owner leaves the house or even the room. As a result, dogs, for instance, start barking or whining, scratching at walls and doors, or they even destroy items in home.

Some owners prefer to ask vets for assistance and wets may prescribe drugs that calm pet’s senses a little and, as a result, they help a little, because they don’t treat a cause of the problem. The dog is stressed being alone because he misses the owner – the leader of his pack, his prop and stay. Of course, one may try to calm the dog down with help of various services like pet boarding or pet sitting. But how can they replace the owner and give a pet as much love and attention as owner does?

There are several solutions to this problem – to train your pet to stay alone without demolishing of the rooms and without barking. However, he still will miss you.

The other way is to give a pet as much exercise as possible so he will be tired and sleep all day long until you come home. But do you imagine how much time is needed to run feet off husky, for instance? It seems that you will give up first.

Yet there is a way to kill two birds with one stone: your pet will be exercised, entertained and not stressed and at the same time you will be far away from home! How is it possible? Petcube Camera – that is a solution to separation anxiety problem.

Petcube is a combination of wireless camera and mobile app with help of which you can control the camera. Petcube Camera is not just a camera itself. This wide-angle camera includes speaker and microphone as well as laser, equal to those you can find in laser pointers and computer mice.

Using your smartphone you can communicate and play with your pet wherever you are. Thus your furry friend will not feel stress because of loneliness and you charge positive through the communication with your pet.

Of course, with help of this camera you will get clear notion what’s going on in your home when you are away and you can take pictures of your pet.

Chasing the light spot will entertain and exercise your pet and that is crucial for the physical and mind condition.

Moreover, you have a possibility to create a laser motion routine if you have no time to play with your pet.

Stay connected to your pet!

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