OriginOil launches Hong Kong subsidiary to initiate its China commercial venture

OriginOil launches Hong Kong subsidiary to initiate its China commercial venture

23 December 2014

OriginOil Inc., developer of Electro Water Separation (EWS)—a high-speed, chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water—will launch a subsidiary in Hong Kong and grant it a master license for the People’s Republic of China. In turn, the subsidiary is expected to license regional joint ventures for frack and waste water treatment. A research and a manufacturing center are also planned.


The EWS process has three stages:

  1. Electro-Coagulation: contaminated water enters the first stage, which is a proprietary electro-coagulation process. In this stage, mild electrical impulses are applied in long tubes, causing the organic contaminants to coagulate.

  2. Electro-Oxidation: oxidizing agents are created that disinfect bacteria, oxidizes soluble ions and breaks molecular chain of dissolved organics.

  3. Electro-Flotation: the clumped-up material travels into a second stage where low power electrical pulses generate a cloud of micro-bubbles that gently lifts the concentrate to the surface for harvesting. The harvested concentrate can be made up of chemical waste, valuable petroleum, or useful algae feedstock.

A proprietary solid-state process control unit (PCU) controls the entire process, and customizes the power requirements of each application. The PCU is evolving auto-adaptive features that reduce operator intervention and standardize the operating parameters. The system will feature secure communication with OriginOil cloud servers for authentication, remote operation, diagnostics, and software updates.

EWS is effective for use in water-intensive industries such as oil gas, algae, and organic waste.

Since we began actively marketing our technology at Singapore Water Week this year, we have seen major interest in petroleum and waste cleanup applications throughout East Asia and especially in China. Our testing has shown that we can clean up frack water effectively in the north of China, and also process factory waste effectively in Nanjing and other manufacturing centers.

One potential relationship is with JiangSu NJU Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., an spinoff of Nanjing University which claims more than 30 model facilities in Nanjing Chemical Plant and 10 provinces and cities.

We are quite impressed by the results and demonstration we have seen so far and we believe OriginOil’s EWS technology can be instrumental in solving a variety of industrial wastewater issues that as you know China has decided to address. We hope that with EWS, our group can play a leading role in environmental solutions engineering.

The new subsidiary will benefit from OriginOil’s business development in China, consisting of potential waste treatment projects which process more than 60,000 m3 (15,000,000 gallons) per day in the aggregate.

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