ULEMCO Converts Ford Transit Vans into Hydrogen Diesel Hybrids

ULEMCo, the ultra-low emissions vehicle company, has started converting white Ford Transit Vans into hydrogen diesel hybrids instead of vehicles that solely run on diesel fuel. This conversion has resulted in 70-percent lower carbon dioxide emissions for the vans.

According to ULEMCo, “In the tests, Ford Transit vans converted to hydrogen diesel hybrid achieved emissions of 59g/km of carbon dioxide, some 70% lower than a typical diesel Transit. Harmful nitrous oxide emissions were reduced by 40%.

“Using the dual fuel conversion, van operators can continue to use the full tank of diesel after the store of hydrogen is used up, extending their total range to as much as 700 miles between fill ups. Importantly, the conversion kit takes up no valuable cargo space as it fits underneath the vehicle. The van’s driving performance is not affected.”

The drivers of the vans can run for 200 miles on hydrogen fuel before automatically switching over to diesel. Another advantage for fleets is that the hydrogen equipment can be switched over to other vehicles as the fleets upgrade and acquire more vehicles.


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