Other defence wastes

In general, radioactive wastes generated by the other nuclear weapons states programmes are less clearly documented.

• France has not declared any plutonium to be excess. HLW from pluto­nium production has probably been vitrified along with HLW from civilian programmes.

• India has an active nuclear weapons programme (e. g., Chari, 1998). Wastes are probably treated similarly to their commercial nuclear power reactor wastes for which information is available (e. g., Rao, 2001).

• Pakistan also has an active nuclear weapons programme with explosive devices tested in May 1998 (e. g., Kerr and Nikitin, 2011). Information is available on the treatment of radioactive wastes from commercial nuclear power generation programmes (e. g., Hamodi and Iqbal, 2009) and it is likely that defence wastes are treated in a similar manner.

• China has had an active weapons programme for many years and wastes are also likely to be treated in a similar manner to commercial radioac­tive wastes (e. g., Liangjin et al., 2006).

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