Storage and disposal of radioactive waste

A large portion of Japan ’ s radioactive waste (about 50%) is stored in the radioactive waste management facilities at the nuclear facilities. About 1,690 canisters of vitrified product and about 380 m3 of liquid waste as HLW are stored in the reprocessing facilities at Tokai and Rokkasho (interim storage facility of the glass canisters), as of the end of March 2010. About

267.0 m3 of LLW (excluding used steam generators, spent control rods, disused channel boxes) are stored in all nuclear facilities in Japan as of the end of March 2008. Storage volume of LLW is made up of approximately

144.0 m3 NPP waste, approximately 25,000 m3 TRU waste, approximately

9.0 m3 uranium waste, approximately 65,000 m3 research waste, and approximately 24,000 m3 RI waste6.

The JNFL near-surface disposal facility with engineered barrier systems in place at Rokkasho, Aomori-Ken is in operation for LLW from commer­cial NPPs and about 219,000 200 L drums have been disposed of as of the end of March 2010. About 1,670 tons of very low level wastes resulting from dismantling of the Japan Power Demonstration Reactor (JPDR) were dis­posed of at the near-surface disposal facility without engineered barriers at Tokai. This disposal facility has been on hold since October 1997.

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