Sealed spent radioactive sources

Sealed spent radioactive sources are currently held in the provincial nuclear waste storage facilities, in the centralized sealed source storage facility, or at the user’s premises. These radioactive sources have not been conditioned into a stable form, so they occupy large volumes of storage space and pose high potential risk. China is making an effort to establish an R&D base to develop radioactive source conditioning technology as soon as possible for the purpose of improving the safety of radioactive source storage. At the same time, China is exploring options for disposal of spent radioactive sources; it is expected to seek a long-term solution for spent radioactive sources. To meet the need for application of radioactive sources, since the 1960s China has invested in constructing a different scale of storage facili­ties in Beijing, Changchun, Lanzhou and Wuxi to accept and store RAW arising from nuclear technology applications, including disused sealed sources.

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