China: experience of radioactive waste (RAW) management

Z. FAN, China Institute of Radiation Protection, China, Y. LIU and J. WANG, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, China, G. REN, University of Hertfordshire, UK and W. E. LEE, Imperial College London, UK

DOI: 10.1533/9780857097446.2.697

Abstract: Progress in the management of China’s radioactive waste (RAW) is described, including waste generation, waste management policy, and current practices in regional disposal of low and intermediate level waste (LILW) and development of a geological disposal facility for hight level waste (HlW).

Key words: China radioactive waste management, geological repository, regulations and policies.

22.1 Introduction

China started its commercial nuclear industry in the early 1970s; however, development was slow prior to 2000. To meet the energy demands of its rapid economic growth and social development over the last 30 years, China has been building an electricity supply system with multiple sources. Coal — powered electrical plants still play a major role. Meanwhile, cleaner energy, including nuclear, will see significant growth considering factors of resource, transportation, environmental concern and climate change.

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