Spent fuel management strategy, practice and issues

21.1.1 Spent fuel inventory

Spent fuels can be categorized into those from commercial NPPs and those from research reactors. Spent nuclear fuels from commercial NPPs are


21.9 Korean Reference Disposal System.

stored on site in spent fuel storage (water) pools or in a dry storage facility. All the spent fuels from the 17 PWRs in Korea are stored in pools on site. About half of the spent fuels from the four CANDU reactors is stored in pools and the other half is stored in dry silos or dry casks on site. As of September 2011, 5,408 tons of spent fuel from PWRs and 6,431 tons of spent fuel from CANDU reactors are stored at four sites: three sites for PWRs, one site for CANDUs (NSSC, 2011). The annual addition to the amount of spent fuel is about 690 mtu. After 2045, spent fuel stores from the CANDU reactors will be full because of decommissioning of the CANDU reactors. The capacities, inventories and types of spent fuel in storage are given in Table 21.3 (NSSC, 2011).

Spent fuel and irradiated fuel from the HANARO research reactor are stored in the storage pool on site at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). Up to 20 PWR fuel assemblies can be stored in the storage pool after irradiation tests. As of September 2011, 4 tons of spent fuel from HANARO was stored in the pool on site (NSSC, 2011). HANARO is a multi-purpose research reactor used for fuel performance testing, material irradiation testing, radio isotope (RI) production, and basic science and applications studies.

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