Solid radioactive waste (SRAW)

Most SRAW consists of dry active waste (DAW) and secondary process waste. The DAW is generated during maintenance and repair of contami­nated systems and includes items such as used parts, paper, clothes, gloves and shoes. Secondary waste is generated from the liquid RAW treatment system and includes concentrated wastes from evaporators, spent resin from demineralizers, and spent filters from liquid purification systems.

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Filtration Evaporation desalinization concentration

The DAW is compressed by a conventional compactor (capacity: 2,000 tons) into 200 L drums. Solidification by Portland cement, which had been commonly applied in the past, is no longer used. Instead, the concen­trated waste is now dried and stabilized by paraffin wax in drums, and spent resin is kept in a high-integrity or equivalent container after drying in the spent resin drying facility. Spent filters are stored in shielded high integrity containers (HIC).

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