Development of the Necsa radioactive waste management plan (NRWMP)

The Necsa waste management plan methodology as described in this docu­ment provides the basis for the development of the NRWMP. The NRWMP in turn will provide the general approach for the management of RAW on the Necsa site. It forms the basis of the complete Necsa RAW management process. Generators of RAW and the RAW management department together with the SHEQ department will align themselves in order to give expression to the contents of this plan. The actions to be followed after the evaluation of the methodology described in this document by the National Committee on Radioactive Waste Management and the subsequent approval by the Minister (DME) includes the following:

• Development of the NRWMP It was decided to develop the NRWMP in two steps. The first step will address the Necsa historical RAW while the second step will address the Necsa current and future RAW streams. The two steps will be submitted to the national committee separately.

• Facility-specific radioactive waste management programmes. Develop­ing of facility-specific radioactive waste management programmes by each radioactive waste generator. These programmes should take into account the system requirements such as the principles of waste preven­tion and waste minimization and should allow for the pre-treatment of the waste in order to conform to the Necsa waste management depart­ment’s waste acceptance requirements.

• Full implementation of the Necsa radioactive waste management system.

The NRWMP finally aims to provide an overview of the RAW management processes at Necsa in an open, transparent way. It will ensure that all RAW generated during past, present and future operations will be dealt with in a responsible manner that will not present an undue burden on future generations and the environment.

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