Necsa solid waste management system

The Necsa solid waste management system is aimed at providing principles, guidelines and standards that are aligned with sound waste management practices. The system is also aimed at managing the interfaces that exist in terms of the waste management steps and the Necsa organizational structure.

The principles of waste prevention and waste minimization are para­mount in the overall Necsa waste management system. These principles are entrenched in every step of the waste management process, from the point of operations in the various Necsa facilities to the decisions on the options for the management of different waste categories. Although not being taken into account in the past, it is also important to consider waste generation control and minimization during the design phase of future facilities at Necsa. The design of buildings and plant should be such that the minimum amount of waste is generated by the planned activities. This integrated system is shown in Fig. 20.12.


20.12 I ntegrated solid waste management system.

20.1.6 Solid radioactive waste categorization

A system is provided according to which radioactive waste on the Necsa site shall be categorized to enable the identification of waste for subsequent waste management processes. The scheme for the categorization of waste as well as the principles for categorization of radioactive waste is addressed in this systems document.

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