Package requirements

The maximum permitted surface dose rate for each package for storage (drums, concrete containers, ISO containers and ingots) shall not exceed 1 mSv/h at 0.5 m and 2 mSv/h for contact dose rate. The maximum permitted removable surface contamination on waste containers shall not exceed

0. 04.Bq/cm2 for a contamination and 0.4 Bq/cm2 for в contamination.

The following information shall be clearly indicated on the drum or on

a label affixed to the drum:

• unique container number traceable to the information/documentation accompanying the package

• gross mass

• date when filled

• type of waste

• maximum contact dose rate

• dose rate at 0.5 m.

If containers are used with any other specific additional liner/coating to protect the surface of the drum, details describing these liner/coatings shall be provided in the facility-specific waste management programme.

The mass of any waste package shall not exceed the manufacturer’s loading limit as specified for each drum type/design. Should the waste gen­erator have to exceed this limit, prior approval from the manager PDO is required. A report justifying the use, giving evidence of compliance to IAEA transport regulations [13] and metal drums specification [14] shall be prepared and submitted to PDO. An example of current waste packaging is shown in Fig. 20.11.

The following waste containers will not be accepted:

• waste containers coated in an attempt to cover cracks or corroded surfaces

• double packed drums (waste placed inside a drum and again inside another drum).

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