Radiological acceptance requirements

The following criticality limitations are applicable to the WAC [12]:

• 100L to 160L drum: total 235U mass <200 g per drum

• 210 L drums containing compressed drums: total B5U mass <500 g per drum

• 210 L drums containing any other waste: total 235U mass <250g per drum.

More specific requirements are stated in Section 20.4.9.

20.1.5 Waste form requirements

1. The waste form shall be passively safe without the possibility of internal corrosion of waste container caused by the waste form or the possibility of volume increase of the waste form due to formation of corrosion products.

2. Pre-treatment, treatment and immobilization actions should be aimed at providing passively safe waste forms.

3. The waste form does not contain or have the potential to generate haz­ardous or corrosive materials unless it is demonstrated that the encap­sulating or immobilizing matrix of the waste form makes them passively safe.

4. If waste drums contain uranium metal, the following limitations are applicable:

• items shall be dry (no water, oil or grease)

• volume per item not less than 5 cm3.

• surfaces of all items to be smooth

• minimum thickness 10 mm.

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