Waste acceptance criteria (WAC)

WAC have been established for the LILW disposal facility at Vaalputs. The WAC are important in the RAW management chain as they determine the treatment and conditioning processes and requirements for waste streams which will form the final waste package for disposal. The WAC for some of the waste, especially in situations where end-points have not yet been decided upon, have not been finalized. Since the WAC dictate the waste treatment and conditioning processes, generic WAC are therefore assumed.

20.1.4 General requirements

1. Waste will be managed in accordance with the Necsa waste management system [10].

2. Each waste generator shall prepare a facility-specific waste management programme which must be accepted by pre-disposal operations (PDO)


3. All waste streams shall be listed and described in the facility waste management programme. New waste streams shall only be accepted after being included in this programme and accepted by PDO.

4. The collection, segregation and pre-treatment of waste at the generator shall take cognisance of the Necsa Waste Management Plan. This entails the alignment of the respective waste streams generated with the waste management processes and disposal end-point envisaged for each respective waste stream.

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