Pre-treatment constitutes all the operations prior to waste treatment, such as collection, segregation, chemical adjustment and decontamination and is performed at the stage of waste generation. Pre-treatment may result in a reduction in the amount of waste requiring further processing and disposal.

Подпись: Waste generators Pre-disposal waste operator Disposal operator 20.9 Radioactive waste management process.

Pre-treatment activities should be conducted in a manner that minimizes the volume of primary and secondary RAW requiring treatment and mini­mizes the volume of stored or disposed waste. Management options such as recycle, re-use and clearance, should be implemented as far as reasonably practical.

The first operation in pre-treatment is to collect waste, then segregate it on the basis of the waste stream ’ s physical state (liquid, gaseous, solid), activity concentration and total radioactivity. RAW is segregated to avoid mixing waste streams. Short-lived radionuclides should not be mixed with waste containing long-lived nuclides. The segregation strategy should also assess whether the waste can be cleared, either directly or after some period of decay, or recycled.

Waste streams should preferably not be mixed due to different down­stream processing methodologies. There are, however, some instances when mixing of streams is an acceptable practice, for example:

• waste streams requiring the same downstream processing or disposal route,

• waste volume from one or more of the individual sources too small to justify investment in specialized processing.

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