Current waste inventory

The total quantity of waste for the respective waste classes on the Necsa site is indicated in Table 20.2. It should be noted that of the total quantity

Table 20.2 Quantity of waste classes currently at Necsa

Radioactive waste class

Quantity of waste (m3)

High-level waste


Intermediate-level waste


Low-level waste


Very low-level uranium containing bulk waste


Very short-lived waste


of LLW (16,000 m3), about 6,000 m3 is ‘compressible’. The compressible waste will undergo some volume reduction treatment processes, resulting in an approximately 60% reduction of this volume of waste. Further segre­gation of some of the Necsa historical waste (compressible and non­compressible) would be a difficult and costly exercise resulting in unnecessary additional radiological exposures of workers. For these reasons, the pro­posal is that the historical compressible and non-compressible waste inven­tory should not be further segregated but should remain in their respective waste categories unless alternative opportunities arise.

The LLW and ILW classes further consist of fissile and non-fissile mate­rial. Some of the material, especially the fissile categories, may contain sufficient quantities of uranium that may render recovery of this material worthwhile. For those waste streams, existing or new processes will be uti­lized or developed and only the resulting waste that cannot in any way be further reduced in volume or quantity will then be disposed of.

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