Port Hope Area Initiative

The Port Hope Area Initiative 2001 Legal Agreement (Section 19.3.3) for­malized a long-term, community-based solution for the long-standing issue of dealing with the contaminated soils within licensed, interim storage facili­ties and on municipal and private properties in the community of Port Hope itself. While the PHAI is ultimately a major environmental remediation project, with the planned construction of two above-ground, engineered containment facilities for an estimated 1.7 million m3 of low-level waste — contaminated soil and debris, it is the long-standing involvement of the municipalities and the general public in the various project activities that define this project, its implementation protocols, and ultimately will define its success. The project has been built on various stages of community engagement and empowerment, community partnering and volunteerism. This engagement of key stakeholders is supplemented by an extensive public communication and stakeholder outreach program. The Environ­mental Assessment follow-up program defines a number of requirements for significant project-specific monitoring activities and, as required, mitiga­tion measures. To ensure the project effects will be understood, detailed plans have been produced to extensively monitor the predicted socio­economic and biophysical impacts. The project has reached this stage and will be successfully completed only with the continued cooperation of the host municipalities, the citizens, the regulators, and the implementers includ­ing the Government of Canada — an example in the making of true com­munity and stakeholder engagement.

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