Long-term management

19.1.2 Used fuel

The selected and approved NWMO ’s APM approach for long-term man­agement of Canada’ s used fuel comprises both a technical method and a management approach (NWMO, 2005). The technical method is based on centralized containment and isolation of the used fuel in a deep geological repository in a suitable rock formation (Fig. 19.2). It provides for continu­ous monitoring of the used fuel and the potential for retrievability for an extended period of time. Consistent with adaptive management, there is provision for contingencies, such as the optional step of shallow storage at the selected central site if circumstances favour early centralization of the used fuel before the repository is ready.

The management system is based on phased and adaptive decision making. Flexibility in the pace and manner of implementation allows for phased decision making, with each step supported by continuous learning,

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19.2Conceptual deep geological repository for nuclear fuel waste (NWMO, 2005).

research and development, and public engagement. An informed, willing community will be sought to host the centralized facilities. Sustained engagement with people and communities is a key element of the plan, as the NWMO continues to work with all stakeholders (i. e., citizens, communi­ties, municipalities, all levels of government, Aboriginal organizations, industry and others).

NWMO ’s implementation activities within its initial five-year plan are focusing on seven key areas:

1. building a relationship with key stakeholders,

2. site selection,

3. design and safety case for APM deep geological repository,

4. financial surety,

5. adapting plans,

6. accountability and governance, and

7. building the organization.

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