Historical waste

Historical low-level RAW in Canada refers to LLW that was managed in the past in a manner no longer considered acceptable, but for which the current owner cannot reasonably be held responsible, upon which the Gov­ernment of Canada has accepted the long-term responsibility. In 1982, the Government of Canada established the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Office (LLRWMO) within AECL as the federal agent for the cleanup and management of historical LLW in Canada. While NRCan pro­vides policy direction and funding, the LLRWMO develops and implements the Government of Canada’s strategic approach to historical waste manage­ment by working with communities and federal stakeholders to develop solutions to safely and cost-effectively reduce liabilities and associated risks (LLRWMO, www. llrwmo. org).

The LLRWMO has completed historical waste cleanups across Canada and continues to monitor several sites with historic radium or uranium contamination. At some sites, materials have been placed in interim storage pending the development of a long-term management approach. Ongoing site monitoring, inspection and maintenance are conducted at these sites.

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