Tank waste disposal

Until a repository for permanent disposal becomes available, the DOE will store canisters of solidified high-activity tank waste onsite. The stabilized product of LAW treatment at WTP and at Saltstone (facilities for safely stabilizing and disposing of low-level radioactive liquid salt wastes) will be disposed of onsite in stainless steel containers at Hanford and in concrete vaults at SRS, respectively. These wastes contain only 1-10% of the radio­activity present in the tank waste.

Tanks at INL and Hanford contain liquid wastes that are not radioactive wastes generated from the reprocessing of SNF. The DOE plans to pursue alternative but safe, compliant, and more cost-effective disposal paths for these wastes on a case-by-case basis. For example, some may meet the cri­teria for disposal at the WIPP.

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