Low-level waste (near surface) disposal

There are currently three active, licensed commercial LLW disposal sites.

A fourth licensed site currently has facilities under construction:

1. EnergySolutions/Chem-Nuclear (Barnwell, South Carolina). As of July 2008, access is limited to LLW generators within three states composing the Atlantic Compact (South Carolina, Connecticut, and New Jersey). Barnwell disposes of Class A, B, and C LLW up to 0.37 TBq (10 Ci) (which precludes many higher activity sealed sources).

2. US Ecology (on the Hanford Site). Restricted access to only the North­west and Rocky Mountain Compacts. The member states of the North­west Compact are Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The Rocky Mountain Compact members are Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. US Ecology disposes of Class A, B, and C LLW. The US Ecology site can also accept radium and other naturally occurring radioactive materials and accelerator-produced radioactive waste without compact restrictions.

3. EnergySolutions (Clive, Utah). Accepts Class A LLW and mixed LLW for LLW generators without access to other compact facilities.

4. Waste Control Specialists (WCS) (near Andrews, Texas). Provides Class A, B, and C LLW disposal to generators within the Texas Compact (Texas and Vermont). The site is privately owned and regulated by the

State of Texas. Construction began in January 2011, and operations began in April 2012. The Texas Compact has a process in place to accept (import) a limited volume of waste from out-of-Compact states. In addi­tion, WCS constructed a separate facility for disposal of Federal (limited primarily to DOE) mixed LLW and LLW.

Commercial LLW sites now closed are Beatty, Nevada (closed 1993); Maxey Flats, Kentucky (closed 1977); Sheffield, Illinois (closed 1978); and West Valley, New York (closed 1975).

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