US Department of Energy

The DOE has responsibility for, among other matters, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons programs, nuclear and radiological weapons nonprolifera­tion, radioactive waste management, and new nuclear-related activities for environmental remediation of contaminated sites and surplus facilities. It has regulatory authority over its facilities and nuclear activities, and those operated or conducted on its behalf, except where the NRC is specifically authorized by statute to regulate certain DOE facilities and activities.

Specifically, the DOE is responsible for regulating its SNF and RAW management activities pursuant to the AEA, except in cases where Con­gress has specifically provided the NRC with licensing and related regula­tory authority over DOE activities or facilities. Radiation and environmental protection are ensured by a rigorous framework of federal regulations, DOE Orders and Directives, and external recommendations by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. The DOE regulates facility operations and radiation protection through standards and requirements established in DOE Orders and Directives.

The DOE implements applicable radiation protection standards consid­ering and adopting, as appropriate, recommendations of authoritative organizations such as the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements and the International Commission on Radiological

Protection. It is also DOE policy to adopt and implement standards gener­ally consistent with those of the NRC.

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