Other EPA radiation-related authorities

The EPA has regulatory responsibilities for a variety of other man-made and naturally occurring radioactive wastes:

• developing general radiation protection guidance to the federal government

• limiting airborne emissions of radionuclides

• setting drinking water regulations, under the Safe Drinking Water Act (as amended), including standards for radionuclides in community water systems

• coordinating with state radiation protection agencies to protect the environment, workers, and the public from naturally occurring radioac­tive materials exposed or concentrated by mining or processing

• coordinating with the DOE, NRC, and states on orphaned sources, recycled materials, and controlling imports and exports to prevent radio­actively contaminated scrap from entering the United States. The US Coast Guard and the US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection have the lead in detecting and taking steps to prevent the illegal entry of such materials. They have the authority to take enforcement actions and, depending on the circumstances, may seize or have a shipment returned to the point of origination.

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