ILW treatment and storage associated with fast reactor fuel reprocessing

Raffinate from reprocessing DFR and PFR fuel is also stored in dedicated tanks in the same underground lined and shielded vaults as the research fuel raffinate. In this case, though, there is not yet a facility at Dounreay to treat and encapsulate this particular raffinate.

Gaseous LLW

All operational facilities at Dounreay have general space extraction and fresh air ingress ventilation systems and, if necessary, dedicated systems for contained active equipment ventilation. The latter is usually associated with gloveboxes, shielded cells and transfer systems. The extracted air is filtered and monitored before discharge to atmosphere under an authorisation from SEPA. There are a number of individual discharge stacks for specific facilities, but the fuel cycle area is served by an integrated system installed in 2010 to provide active ventilation requirements for both the current operations and the decommissioning of the complex and interconnected fuel cycle plants and laboratories (IMechE, 2010).

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