ILW treatment and storage associated with research reactor fuel reprocessing

Reprocessing of fuel from DMTR produced ILW waste liquors called raffi­nates that have been stored in underground tanks housed in stainless steel lined shielded vaults. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Dounreay cementation plant (DCP) was constructed. This plant takes the raffinate from the storage tanks in batches and then mixes measured quantities of raffinate and cement powders in 500 litre stainless steel drums to form a monolithic solid wasteform that can be stored for at least 100 years prior to a final end point being identified. This wasteform has a Letter of Compli­ance (LoC) from the Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD) of NDA accepting its suitability for geological disposal.

A dedicated ILW vault store has been constructed for storing these 500 litre drums. It can also store overpacked 200 litre drums retrieved from the miscellaneous ILW store. It has an import/export facility to allow transfer of the drums in transport flasks to other facilities when the need arises.

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