Construction of this 1,230 MW station started in 1980 and it was commis­sioned in 1988. It is situated near Dunbar in East Lothian (Fig 17.1) It is currently scheduled to operate until 2023 (EDF Energy, 2010).

Its operational waste management processes and also its decommission­ing strategy are the same as described for Hunterston B. Defuelling and preparation for care and maintenance is planned to be undertaken by around the early 2030s with the long-term secure care and maintenance period then starting and continuing until around 2110. The decommission­ing waste management strategy is the same as Hunterston B but the esti­mated LLW that would be produced is higher and the ILW lower than for

Hunterston B (see Tables 17.2 and 17.3). Advances in the design of Torness, the later station, enabled the generation of ILW to be limited.

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