Very low level waste

A policy statement for the long-term management of solid low level radio­active waste in the United Kingdom was published by Defra and the devolved administrations in 2007 (Defra et al., 2007 ). Among other provi­sions, this identified a need for greater flexibility in the approach to LLW disposal and, subject to permitting based on a ‘risk informed approach’, applications may be made to dispose of LLW/VLLW to conventional land­fill sites (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste disposal sites).

The first site to have been licensed for high volume-VLLW disposal to landfill is the Lilyhall landfill site operated by Waste Recycling Group and Energy Solutions. Some of these proposals have been controversial with


image199"16.7 Main materials in the LLWR (a) trenches and (b) vaults to March 2008.

local communities. Following an appeal against a rejection of planning permission by Northamptonshire County Council, permission for LLW dis­posal was granted for another site at King’s Cliffe, operated by Augean.

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