Guidance for permitting requirements for waste disposal

Applications for approval of RAW disposal facilities made to the environ­ment agencies and planning authorities under EPR10 (as amended) must be supported by an environmental safety case. Requirements for authorisation are set out in a guidance document published jointly by the environment agencies, ‘Near-surface Disposal Facilities on Land for Solid Radioactive Wastes: Guidance on the Requirements for Authorisation’ (the GRA). This was originally published in 1997 (Environment Agency et al., 1997) and revised and updated in 2009 (Environment Agency et al., 2009). An equivalent document sets out the guidance for disposal of geological waste, although the guidance for deep geological disposal does not apply in Scotland. (Environment Agency and Northern Ireland Environment Agency, 2009 ).

The Environment Agency has also initiated a consultation, and published draft guidance, on the setting of limits for disposal of liquid and gaseous RAW into the environment under EPR10 (as amended) (Environment Agency, 2011).

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