An activity marked more by conventional than radiation risk

Cutting, working from heights, working on building structures, the presence of asbestos, the use of electrical systems, work on sites that used chemicals, work on sites often unknown from a chemical point of view mean that actions on contaminated sites present conventional risks, much more dan­gerous in terms of severity, risk of occurrence and kinetics, than the radio­logical ones. ANDRA’s agents are therefore sometimes asked to balance a number of conflicting risks between the need to control conventional risk and radiological hazards. It is therefore necessary, in preparing a site, to reconcile the requirements in terms of both conventional and radiological risk control with the security engineer who will be able, after technical dialogue, to decide how to act and to best manage these risks via a suitable protocol. In any case, priority will be given to systematic conventional risk management except in exceptional cases. Also on the sites of major pollu­tion, the use of a safety coordinator will most often be used.

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