2009-2010: Birth of the industrial centre for geological disposal (CIGEO)

Next to the underground laboratory, a technology centre was constructed in 2009 in which are now displayed the prototypes of objects and machines that demonstrate what could be implemented in the disposal facility. In late 2009, ANDRA produced a ‘dossier’ (ANDRA, 2009) giving the status on the development of the planned repository. For the study of the location of underground facilities of the repository, it proposed an area of 30 km2 called the Area of Interest for Detailed Investigation (‘Zone d’Interet de Recher­che Approfondie’, or ZIRA), that was the result, apart from scientific con­siderations, of a dialogue with local stakeholders. In March 2010, ANDRA was authorized to conduct detailed geological investigations in this area. The project Industrial Centre of Geological Disposal (‘Centre Industriel de stockage GEOlogique’, or CIGEO) was launched.

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