2006: new legislation, new missions

The Act of 28 June 2006 reinforced ANDRA’s mission of design and opera­tion of RAW disposal and also requested that ANDRA have a ‘public service’ mission (ANDRA, 2006):

• The Agency must develop, in the clay layer at 500 m depth in the Meuse and Haute-Marne districts, a reversible deep repository for high level and intermediate long-lived waste.

• It must also seek a solution for low-level long-lived waste, both radium­bearing and graphite.

• The ‘public service’ missions were two-fold:

— Remediation of former radioactively contaminated so-called orphan sites (i. e., those for which there is no responsible body) is managed in a more sustainable manner with the creation, as from 2007, of the National Commission for Assistance in the Radioactive Area (‘Com­mission Nationale des Aides dans le domaine Radioactif’, or CNAR), decided by the Board of ANDRA.

— The management of radioactive waste obtained from individuals (e. g., alarms with radio luminescent needles, radium fountains — radium was believed in the past to have therapeutic virtues and such fountains for radium distribution can still be found in French house­holds, etc.) was addressed with the launch in late 2008 of a campaign (involving the 36,000 mayors of France, the departmental services for fire and rescue, the waste treatment entities, among others) to identify and remove such radioactive objects from homes and manage them safely through storage or disposal.

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