2004: completion of the underground laboratory

In November 2004, in the underground laboratory of Meuse/Haute-Marne, ANDRA reached at 445 m depth, the depth of the clay layer to be studied. The first gallery was dug to install a series of experimental devices. Then the digging of the shafts continued, and at 490 metres, new galleries were dug horizontally and other experiments undertaken. The data collected fully confirmed the results of laboratory research and tests made at Mont Terri in Switzerland.

2005: submission of Dossier

A few months later, ANDRA released the Dossier 2005 (ANDRA, 2005). In 10,000 pages, it compiled 15 years of research. It concluded that the clay layer of the Meuse/Haute-Marne was perfectly suitable for receiving a disposal facility for high — and intermediate-level long-lived radioactive waste. This dossier also contained a description on the interest in granitic formations for geological disposal. A milestone had been reached for the management of radioactive waste in France.

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