In early 2000, the laboratory is being built

The digging of a shaft is in itself a laboratory: a few metres were dug, and then the site was assigned to geologists for them to study the rock for a few hours before the shaft digging resumed. Unfortunately, in May 2002, fol­lowing a fatal accident, the site was closed for almost a year.

2001-2003: creation of the new repository for VLLW

In 2001, a first public hearing on the utility of creating a centre for low-level waste and clearing land for the future centre was held. Then, a second hearing was held in 2002 concerning the authorization to operate and the building permit request. On 9 August 2002, the building permit was issued by the Department ‘prefet’, and, on 26 June 2003, he also issued the operat­ing permit for the centre.

Thus, with the opening in the town of Morvilliers of the CSTFA, the first centre of its kind in the world, ANDRA found a solution for managing waste from the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Waste packages were stored in vaults dug in the clay, and protected from the elements by a large removable roof before being permanently covered with a layer of clay several feet thick.

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