The 1991 Act: the independence of the Agency

In December 1991, the National Assembly passed a law that gave ANDRA a new status making it independent of the CEA (see ANDRA, 1991). This law regulated in detail the feasibility study related to disposal of waste in deep geological rocks. The Agency had 15 years to complete this study. Christian Bataille (Member of Parliament for the Nord Department) was responsible of a mediation mission to seek local volunteers for the hosting on their territory of an underground laboratory.

15.3.2 1992-1999

1992-1994: ANDRA pursues its mission

In January 1992, the disposal facility CSFMA received its first waste package for disposal in concrete vaults. Also in 1992, ANDRA began to develop a specific management solution for waste coming from outside the nuclear power industry, particularly that from hospitals and used for medical training. This complex development work took nearly 10 years. Finally, in the disposal facility of the Centre de la Manche, the last package arrived on 30 June 1994, after 35 years of operations. The implementation of the waterproof cover continued, in view of the transition to the monitoring phase in 2003.

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