The management of the Centre de la Manche disposal facility

The first task assigned to ANDRA was to operate the surface disposal of SL-LILW that had been created in 1969 at the Centre de la Manche. It also laid down some rules to secure and streamline disposal of waste. For example, the waste had to be packaged in standard packages. In addition,

ANDRA built a collection system to monitor and control the water coming out of the disposal facility, which allowed the impact of the centre on its environment to be monitored.

A new disposal centre in the Aube district

From 1984, ANDRA began looking for a new site for a disposal facility to replace the Centre de la Manche. Geological studies were undertaken in different ‘Departments’ (the ‘Department’ is the main political and admin­istrative subdivision in France). In 1984 and 1985, more than 500 boreholes were drilled in the Aube Department to select a specific location. At this time, ANDRA perfected the technique of using a multi-barrier system consisting of the package, the engineered barrier and the geology to dispose of the waste. Meanwhile, local consultation was carried out through the organization of several visits and meetings with local stakeholders. On 22 July 1987, the Prime Minister signed the Declaration of public interest: the new disposal facility for SL-LILW, the CSFMA, was located in the Aube Department, near the village of Soulaines-Dhuys.

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