France: experience of radioactive waste (RAW) management and contaminated site clean-up

R. P OIS S O N, Agence Nationale pour la gestion des Dechets Radioactifs (ANDRA), France

DOI: 10.1533/978085709446.2.489

Abstract: This chapter presents the French experiences of contaminated site clean-up and remediation. Radioactive waste management in France is discussed in general terms including the classification of waste. The history of the French waste management organization including site remediation is then discussed, highlighting difficulties encountered and lessons learned.

Key words: site remediation, classification of waste, waste management, waste management organization, orphan polluted sites, conventional risk, radiological risk.

15.1 Introduction

To understand the subject of overall radioactive waste (RAW) management in France, it is important to first describe the sources of waste and the associ­ated classification system, knowing that the latter also has a rationale linked to repository availability. It is then important to describe the waste manage­ment organization, its history and its current status. The subject of site reme­diation can then be addressed, first discussing the waste management organizations, past and present, before describing the site remediation activities.

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