Interim storage

Heat-generating wastes are placed in interim storage for decaying and cooling at a total of 15 separate facilities in Germany pending their final disposal in a future geological repository. Germany maintains three central­ized storage facilities at Gorleben, Ahaus, and the Interim Storage North (Zwischenlager Nord, ZLN) facility on the site of the former NPP Greif — swald. Twelve additional decentralized facilities are located adjacent to the various nuclear power stations. These facilities are subject to the regulatory authority of both the federal government as well as the local state governments.

The 2002 amendment to the Atomic Energy Act committed NPP opera­tors to establish interim decentralized storage facilities for SNF resulting from plant operations. As a result, current wastes being generated are stored at the 12 decentralized locations. The facilities became operational and began accepting waste in 2006 and 2007. A thirteenth facility is cur­rently in the licensing process. Spent fuel from earlier NPP operations is stored at the centralized interim storage facilities. HLW returned from reprocessing in France and the United Kingdom is stored at Gorleben. The decentralized interim storage facilities generally consist of surface struc­tures made of reinforced concrete (at the Neckarwestheim site storage tunnels are used). SNF is stored at these locations in CASTOR®-type trans­portation and storage casks.

Wastes classified as RAW with negligible heat generation are produced in association with research institutions, the nuclear energy industry, decom­missioned nuclear facilities, the former reprocessing plant at Karlsruhe, and various other state and industrial activities. These wastes are in the form of LLW and ILW and are stored at numerous interim storage facilities in Germany. The facilities are subject to the regulatory control of the Federal States where they are located. Upon completion of the Konrad repository for wastes with negligible heat generation, these wastes will be transported and permanently disposed of at the licensed facility.

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