Containment of wastes with negligible heat-generating capacity

Liquid LLW and ILW wastes are either evaporated or mixed in cement, while solid wastes are crushed, incinerated, compacted or cemented


14.3 A POLLUX® container being lifted into position for a 9 m drop test. Source: Provided by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin, Germany.

beforehand. All waste types are packaged in standardized and approved containers after processing. Cylindrical concrete containers are generally used for solidified waste, while unconditioned waste is sealed in iron waste containers with welded lids. LLW and ILW currently in interim storage will be disposed of in the Konrad facility. Existing waste at Morsleben will be considered as geologically disposed upon completion of the facility closure. No final decision has been made as to the ultimate disposition of waste currently stored at the Asse facility.

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