POLLUX® nuclear waste container systems

The POLLUX® was specifically developed for the geological disposal of SNF, but is also suitable for interim storage and transportation if required. A single POLLUX® can hold ten irradiated fuel rods from a PWR or 30 fuel rods from a BWR. It has a diameter of 1.6 m, a length of approximately 5.5 m, and a weight of 65 tonnes when loaded. The container is a double­shell design with an internal container to accommodate the fuel rods from


14.2 CASTOR® HAW28M container at the centralized interim storage facility in Gorleben. Source: Provided by GNS Gesellschaft fur Nuklear-Service mbH, Essen, Germany.

SNF assemblies, which are separated by a neutron moderator, and an exter­nal shield container made of spheroidal graphite (SG) iron (GNS, 2011b ; Diersch et al, 1993). Figure 14.3 shows a POLLUX® container being hoisted into place for a 9 m edge-on drop test.

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