The RAW categorisation and classification system of the Slovak Republic does not differ significantly from the system already described for the Czech Republic, because it was largely formed before Czechoslovakia was split into two countries in 1992.

The Slovak Republic now operates 4 WWER 440 reactors, two in Jas — lovske Bohunice and two in Mochovce. Three reactors are now under decommissioning and two reactors of WWER 440 type are under construction.

The first Czechoslovak, gas-cooled, heavy water moderated reactor, located in Jaslovske Bohunice, known as A1, started operation in 1972, but was shut down in 1977 following an operational incident. The commitment to shut down two units of the first generation, Russian, WWER 440 reactors was taken in Slovakia in 1999 as a condition for fulfilling the Accession Agreement of Slovakia to the European Union. The waste from decommis­sioning is of various categories; most of the waste is low level, which can be disposed of at the near-surface repository at Mochovce (Fig. 12.6), but some of the waste, especially inorganic SF coolant, which contains almost 10% of the SF activity due to cladding failure, is vitrified in the pilot plant vitrifica­tion facility and will have to be stored until the availability of a DGR described further in Section 12.3.2.

Spent fuel

While SF assemblies for A1 NPP and a small number of assemblies from the V1 NPP were returned to Russia, more than 25,000 SF assemblies are


12.6 The Mochovce repository.

planned to be disposed of in a DGR. Some of them are now stored in the wet storage facility in Jaslovske Bohunice.

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