Spent fuel

Currently, SF is stored in dry storage facilities located in the area of both NPPs in CASTOR-440/84-type approved casks or in pools at reactor sites. More than 9,000 SF assemblies from WWER 440 reactors and 1,000 spent assemblies from WWER 1000 reactors are stored in this way. More than 5,300 assemblies are expected to be spent by 2025 at Dukovany reactors and 2,600 assemblies by 2042 at Temelin reactors.

The multi-billion euro contract to build two new nuclear reactors at the current site of Temelin with the option for another three elsewhere has been launched recently in the Czech Republic; one in Dukovany and the second in Slovakia. The reactors will likely be built by US or Russian companies. It is expected that more than 8,000 fuel assemblies would be spent in the three new nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic during their 60 years of electricity production.

Other SF assemblies are from the research reactor located at the Nuclear Research Institute (NRI) Rez located near Prague. This experimental nuclear reactor has been in operation since 1957, with significant recon­struction performed in 1988-1989. Several hundred SF assemblies have been produced during this time. In 2004 the Czech Republic was included in the Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) programme. Highly enriched uranium (HEU) SF was shipped to the Russian Federation for reprocessing with the financial support of the US government and Department of Energy. To date, 457 spent fuel of IRT-2M and 208 EK 10 assemblies from the NRI research reactor have been sent to Russia. It is expected that after 20 years the corresponding activity will be returned back to the Czech Republic in the form of vitrified waste. NRI now also

Table 12.1 Categorisation of radioactive waste in the Czech Republic according to waste management

Type of liability

Long-term management policy

Current practice/facilities

Spent fuel

Preferred alternative — direct disposal in deep geological repository (DGR), but other alternatives are not excluded (reprocessing regional repository)

Long-term storage

Nuclear fuel cycle

Disposal in operating

Disposal in the operating


repositories and in planned DGR

repostory at Dukovany and storage in operating systems (NPPs)

Institutional waste

Disposal in operating repositories and in planned DGR

Storage and disposal in operating repositories (Richard, Bratrstvf, Dukovany) and storage (NRI Rez)


Deferred dismantling

Periodical review of


(NPP) and immediate dismantling (research reactors)

decommissioning plans; all nuclear installations (NPPs, research reactors, storage facilities) are currently in operation

Disused sealed

Disposal in operating

Storage and disposal in


repositories and in planned DGR; return to the country of origin

operating repositories

Mining and

Tailing pond

Recovery of chemical

milling waste


uranium production on the Straz site and use of tailing ponds on the Rozna site

participates in shipment of spent fuel assemblies from other Eastern Euro­pean countries’ research reactors to Russia, ‘Mayk’ Production Association. These reactors are of Russian provenance.

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