Radionuclides in the groundwater

Contamination levels in the groundwater remain relatively low, excluding those sites around temporary waste disposal sites and some radioactive storage facilities situated at the ChNPP industrial site. Groundwater is also significantly contaminated in areas adjacent to the contaminated water bodies (cooling ponds, lakes and wetlands in the most contaminated areas of the ChEZ). In the worst contaminated areas of the ChEZ, the level values vary in range from 102 and less to 103 Bq m-3 for 137Cs and between 103 and 104 Bq m-3 for 90Sr.

Both 137Cs and 90Sr contamination of the groundwater in the first aquifer under the surface registered beyond the Exclusion Zone boundaries does not exceed 0.3 x 103Bqm-3. In the water of Cenomanian and Lower

Cretaceous aquifer system, 90Sr and 137Cs volumetric activities have not exceeded 10 Bq m-3.

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